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Content compliments of George Moody III, Mortage Adviser.

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Smoothing the mortgage approval process

The mortgage faucets are turning back on and this includes JUMBO lending! The difference from pre-2007 lending, is that we now exist in a "full-documentation" world and to secure a home loan today, simply requires transparency and full disclosure of your income, assets and liabilities to your lender.

Here is a general list of helpful tips to ensure an effortless process in attaining a smooth Loan Approval:


  1. Immediately inform your lender of an change your employment, income and assets status
  2. Continue living at your current residence during the loan process
  3. Continue making your mortgage or rent payments
  4. Keep working at your current employer
  5. Stay current on all existing credit accounts
  6. Advise your lender in advance on any upcoming vacations or business trips
  7. Ask your lender questions and often
  8. When in doubt about making any movement with your existing financial accounts, call your lender


  1. Make major purchases (car, furniture, appliances or start any home improvement)
  2. Apply for new credit or open new credit or loans
  3. Pay off any charge off accounts, collections, loans or credit cards
  4. Consolidate your debt
  5. Close any credit card accounts
  6. Max out or over charge on your credit accounts
  7. Change bank accounts or transfer any balances from one account to another
  8. Change your account source of closing funds