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Content compliments of George Moody III, Mortage Adviser.

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Mortgage rates have been experiencing historical lows in the last year, since 1971. It’s highly probable that these low rates will someday in the near future cease to exist and many will look back in hindsight wishing that they would have taken advantage of securing them. Here are some thoughts to consider as the real estate market fluctuates.

In a  Downward Marketů

  • Buyer has much more control of the transaction
  • Seller is more willing to negotiate the price or offer a seller credit
  • There is greater selection of home inventory
  • Rates remain at historic lows

In a  Recovering Marketů

  • Greed comes into play
  • Multiple offers occur which drives the prices up
  • Seller is in control of the transaction, less likely to offer the buyer any credits or concessions
  • Inflation begins to set in, eventually resulting in higher interest rates