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Content compliments of George Moody III, Mortage Adviser.

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Considering an FHA Loan

Not all loans are the same. HUD provides a government insured loan called FHA (Federal Housing Authority), which many times is misinterpreted as only a "first time homebuyer’s" loan. While this loan aligns nicely for the first time homebuyer, its use is not prohibitive to those who currently own or previously owned a home. The one key guideline to this loan is that it is available for the buyer who intends to own and occupy the home as their primary residence.

Additional benefits of FHA include:

  1. Loan amounts up to $729,750 in high cost areas
  2. 3.5% down payment
  3. Seller may credit up to 6% for ALL closing costs (recurring and non-recurring)
  4. Gift from family members are allowed to cover all cash to close (includes down payment)
  5. 640 minimum FICO scores are norm for most lender guidelines
  6. FHA loans are assumable